A Meaningful Life

Mission View Health Center is home to the nation’s first resident-based non-profit organization, “Helping Hands” at Mission View. The goal of this groundbreaking program is to offer a “meaningful life” to skilled nursing residents by focusing on ways to improve the quality of each day for not only these vital members of the community that reside within nursing centers- but to the people whose lives they touch through their tireless efforts.

Changing Lives

From raising money for various local and world charitable efforts through their “Helping Hands Hand Soap” to volunteering at the local homeless shelters, to their youth-focused role model campaign and countless other innovative and award-winning programs, Mission View’s residents prove that life doesn’t end in a care center. On the contrary, it is enriched by the ability to help others and to remain active members of society.

Mission View Health Center…dedicated to providing purpose and a meaningful life to our community’s residents – one award-winning program at a time.