Homeward Bound

Therapist and resident

A Mutual Goal: A Quick Recovery

We know there’s no place like home, especially after a hospitalization. We offer a unique combination of goal-oriented rehabilitation, medical care, and convenient access to the focused rehabilitation and nursing care you need to get back home, where you want to be. Quickly and safely.

The Homeward Bound program provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach, which includes physical, occupational, and speech therapies, cognitive retraining, independent living skills, medication management, cooking and meal planning, home and community safety, and other community resource coordination. When your needs change, we help you navigate the rehab continuum and seamlessly transition to the next level of care, helping you return to your home or to your maximum independence level.

Homeward Bound rehabilitation programs include:

•       24 hour nursing care
•       Intensive Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies
•       Orthopedic/Fracture Recovery
•       Cardiac recovery
•       Fall Prevention
•       Stroke (CVA) Recovery Program
•       Pain Management
•       Wound Care & Skin Management
•       Infusion/Enteral Therapy

From your very first tentative steps to finalizing your need for medical equipment in your home, rest assured that your rehabilitative needs are in our capable hands from start to finish…